Galleon Travel Blog

We would like to welcome you to our new website, after many years of providing a first class service to our loyal customers we decided to bring our brand in line with our modern fleet. This include a completely new logo, a fresh and modern version of our trademark ship and a London theme to each of our vehicles to show how proud we are of our roots.

It all started in early 2014 when we were in the Basque region of Spain to spec our new state of the art Irizar coach. When we put our brand onto the new vehicle with its curvy lines and modern looks, we sat back and thought, in order for our livery to look good it needs the modern touch to it. So off we went and with the help of the Sowerby Group "Galleon" was born.

Everything that people loved about Galleon Travel moved to "Galleon" and from September 2014 our rebrand was nearly complete, the last piece of the puzzle was the website. Working closely with Global Film Makers we managed to produce a very professional video and after a lot of discussion we managed to develop our state of the art website.

Have a look around, enjoy and give us a call!